Guests / Party Rental

Your guests are always welcome at Oaklands
. The fee for each guest regardless of age is $3. Each guest must be accompanied by a member aged 14 or older. Exception - A member aged 12 to 14 may bring one guest aged 12 or older provided the guest passes the deep water test. See Pool Rules for more information. 

Children's Parties - Children’s parties are allowed, during pool hours, but must be pre-arranged and scheduled with the pool manager. Each child attending the party who wishes to swim out of reach of a responsible adult must take a swim test with an Oaklands’ lifeguard to determine his or her swimming ability. 

Pool (Party) Rental - The pool is available for rental by members for private parties. These parties are held outside our regular pool hours. Contact the pool manager if you are interested in scheduling a party. Please try to schedule at least one week in advance in order to allow time to schedule guards. 

GENERAL POLICIES (applicable to all parties):
  • The MEMBER renting the pool must be present for the entire party.
  • MEMBERS are responsible for their guests and should make sure they know the pool rules.
  • Parties include use of snack shack refrigerator.
  • All Parties are scheduled with the pool manager: Brian Polaski (

  • Tables will be reserved for the party.
  • 5-10 guests
    • $3 fee per non-member guest over 2 years old
  • Over 10 guests:
    • $30 party fee (for non-bond holders)
    • $3 fee per non-member guest   
    • The number of guests and hours must be discussed with the pool manager so the correct number of lifeguards can be scheduled. 

  • $75 per hour party/rental fee is required plus the cost of lifeguards needed as determined by criteria below:
  • Less than 50 guests – 2 guards required - $20 per hour
  • 50 to 75 guests - 3 guards required - $30 per hour
  • 75 to 100 guests – 4 guards required - $40 per hour