Guests & Rentals


Your guests are always welcome at Oaklands. The fee for each guest regardless of age is $5. Each guest must be accompanied by a member aged 14 or older. Exception - A member aged 12 to 14 may bring one guest aged 12 or older provided the guest passes the deep water test. See Pool Rules for more information.


The pool is available for rental by members for private parties. These parties may held during or after regular pool hours.

Please complete the party rental form (available in the Forms Library) and contact our pool manager, Cassie O'Quinn (, if you are interested in scheduling a party.

We would ask that you please try to schedule at least one week in advance in order to allow time to schedule guards.

Children’s parties are allowed, only during pool hours, with each child attending the party who wishes to swim out of reach of a responsible adult taking a swim test with an Oaklands’ lifeguard to determine his or her swimming ability.


General Policies (applicable to all party types)

  • The MEMBER renting the pool must be present for the entire party.

  • MEMBERS are responsible for their guests and should make sure they know the pool rules.

  • Parties include use of snack shack refrigerator.

  • All Parties are scheduled with the pool manager (see Staff Directory for contact information or contact pool phone number)

  • A Party Form must be completed

During Pool Hours

  • Tables can be reserved for the party.

  • 5-10 guests:

    • $5 fee per non-member guest over 2 years old

  • Over 10 guests:

    • $30 party fee (for non-bond holders)

    • $5 fee per non-member guest

    • The number of guests and hours must be discussed with the pool manager so the correct number of lifeguards can be scheduled.

After Pool Hours

Members twenty-one (21) and over may reserve the pool for private parties or other social activities after hours, provided the members are responsible, present at the entire party, and ensure they and all guests abide by pool rules.

  • $75 per hour party/rental fee is required plus the cost of lifeguards needed as determined by criteria below:

  • Less than 50 guests – 2 guards required - $20 per hour

  • 50 to 74 guests - 3 guards required - $30 per hour

  • 75 to 100 guests – 4 guards required - $40 per hour