Oaklands Swim Club is happy to announce that membership for the 2023 Summer Season is now OPEN

Starting with the 2022 Swim Season, Oaklands has migrated to a family-based membership program based on the number of adults living in your household and whether or not there are children present on the membership.  Discounts are still available for seniors (62+ years).   All fee structures are listed below

All Membership renewals and registration can be done on-line by visiting the Member Splash portal at the following URL:

After signing into the website and confirming your information you will be able to make payment for the membership option that is applicable to you requirements.   Please contact for additional information, require changes to your membership structure, or need assistance with the membership portal.

Fee Structures

Bond Fee:

*MemberSplash site will show $412 to cover non-refundable CC purchasing fees

Yearly Fees:

Individual Membership Fees 

Family  Fees